Deeper Questions – Nate in Greece

CabinsHello everybody!

Today (Thursday) our new campers for the new Leadership camp arrived. The morning started out a little slower and was mostly preparing the cabins, eating area, and bathrooms for the kids, but then things changed gears when they arrived. It was around 4 pm when they came over on the boat and we were running around trying to get all the kids to their cabins. After they got situated it was so much fun to hang out with them and begin to learn about what Egypt (largely Cairo) is like. One of the kids named Michael even taught me how to say a lot of words in Arabic, most of which I have forgotten now. I just remember that yes was something like saying “o” and no was “le-eh.”

Egyptian StudentsAs this new camp begins, I would like to ask you to pray that we would be wise in our words and actions. Most of the kids are at least culturally Muslim so we cannot directly talk to them about Christ. However, we can ask them deeper questions that help us get to know them a lot more and can even lead to us having an opportunity to share our life stories. Furthermore, please pray that we would treat them with a genuine love and care, even when we may be frustrated with them. Please pray that we can reflect how God’s love for us is not bound by our striving for righteousness, but by his true love towards us.

This is Nate signing off because it’s time to eat and I am very hungry.


One response to “Deeper Questions – Nate in Greece

  1. Nate, that is a fine and funny report. Especially about you forgetting the words. That is great discretion about being careful how you converse with them. The Bible says that we must let the light of Christ shine in us, and this draws people to the Savior. What about if a camper asks you about the hope that you have within you? Can you speak then? (1 Peter 3:15).

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