Day of Rest Between Camps – Evie in Greece

Evie and KristinHey everyone! We are so happy that we get the opportunity to tell you about our fun times here in Greece as well as how God is impacting us throughout our trip. Yesterday (Tuesday) our kid campers left. Today was our cleanup/rest day before the Leadership camp for Egyptian students starts. We had our usual breakfast and then cleaned up for the next two hours. Kristen and I cleaned our blue bathrooms for the last time together (*sad*).

Then we had a meeting explaining our roles for the next week. Instead of being a manual helper, I will be a camper with the Egyptians and some of the Greeks. This is amazing because I will have the opportunity to be their peer and grow relationships with them. After our meeting, Krista and I went on a kayak ride to the middle of the bay and shared our testimonies. This encouraged me so much and now I am confident to share my testimony with others too, which might plant a seed of faith in someone else.

WaterfrontOverall, rest day was sick (awesome) this week and I am so thankful for the chance to get to do fun stuff with the rest of the Greek staff! I am asking for you all to pray for the Egyptian campers this next week to be open to getting to know us Christians and live in an environment they’re not used to! Thanks for tuning in. We miss you all! (Especially Kris and Paul;))


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