Developing Albanian Leaders – Dave B.

Faithful giving to the Thrive Campaign has enabled The Orchard to build up Christian leaders in Albania by sending me (Dave B.) and two other pastors to share their knowledge, experience, and special gifts as pastors. On October 9-10, we were in Durres, Albania for the Radstock Coaching Workshop. Its purpose was to teach coaching techniques to Christian leaders who can then use them with men who are planting churches or starting ministry for the first time. A retired EFCA pastor and missionary to Albania for fifteen years led the Radstock workshop.

The workshop teaches a conversational method of coaching. Coaching other men is not a common relationship practice for Albanian men. Customarily, an older man tells a younger man what to do, he does it and learns. The coaching method uses questioning techniques which guide the person being coached to their own conclusions. This method not only allows the person to learn how to do things, like plant a church, but how to think through challenges and obstacles.

Key to coaching is to have character, develop chemistry with the person coached, and competency–called the three Cs. Character and chemistry come by being focused on Christ, in the Word and prayer. Chemistry is the work of the Holy Spirit as the coach seeks discernment and the person coached seeks direction on what action to take. Competency is established through our gifts and practice. Role play and prayer are used to engage the men at the workshop.

Dave house churchBy partnering with Radstock over the past several years, we have developed relationships with many church planters and ministry leaders in Albania, spurring them on as coaches and leaders through prayer, example and encouragement both in person and by long distance communication. Among many other things, we have been able to visit small house churches (similar to the picture) that desire to share the Gospel, disciple believers, develop leaders and plant more churches. Speak with us (Dave or Pastor Matt) to hear the countless ways the Lord is at work in Albania!

Please pray for the Albania Christian leaders to be men who use what they have learned and to grow in the work of coaching, that believers would be encouraged and bear fruit for Christ that lasts for eternity.


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