Making a Difference – Rachel in Greece

JeremiahHey guys!
This past week I was a cabin leader which is basically a camp counselor. The week definitely had its challenges but, it was so awesome to see my girls grow in their faith and grow closer to Jesus.
Yesterday was the last day of camp. All the campers packed their bags and we had one last camp meeting. We danced and sang a song that we’ve been practicing all week and then it was time for them to leave. As I was hugging one of the boys (Jeremiah) to say goodbye, he started crying and said, “I’ll miss you guys so much.” It was so sad to see him cry but it felt good to know the camp and all the people in it made a difference in his life and walk with the Lord.
After we said goodbye we had a quick cleanup around camp and the rest of the day we had free time!! It was amazing to have a time of rest and a time to reset before the next camp!

If I could ask you all to pray for one thing it would be for safety. At camp, there are many rocks and things to trip on and it would be hard to serve the Lord if anybody was to get injured. Nobody has been injured yet but pray that nobody does. Thank you guys all for reading this blog and keeping up with our trip! We love you!!!


2 responses to “Making a Difference – Rachel in Greece

  1. Wow, Rachel, disciples growing in faith and getting closer to Jesus is my heart’s desire. I wanted to see this SO much in my pastoral ministry, and it didn’t always happen. Dear, sweet Jeremiah! God bless him. Keep him. USE him! So in future ministry don’t get discouraged. Just press on and praise the Master!
    Thank you guys for going and providing this blog so that we could keep up with your mission!
    We love you all, too!

  2. Hey girls.
    Sounds like thrilling work. John 2 indicates that the servants had a clue about what Jesus would do😊 I’m sad with you that you could no longer clean the blue bathrooms😂
    Will you be working directly with the Egyptian students? I’ve been praying for them.
    It’s always our delight to communicate with you.

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