Faith Without Sight – Krista in Greece

Monday was the last full day of kid’s camp. We did the usual things – swimming, rock wall, crafts, small groups, dancing and group activities – as well as finishing out the week with a message about faith to complete the presentation of the gospel (Lord, Sin, Savior, Faith.) Kostas was the one speaking, and he talked about Thomas who believed when he saw Jesus, and he reminded us of Jesus’ words that say: Blessed are those who believe without seeing!

I have been so amazed to see the Greek staff here as cabin leaders. Many of the leaders are campers from last week’s teen camp that I attended. Many of them were not even planning on staying for kid’s camp, but because it’s a laid back Greek culture, they decided to stay. It has been neat to see their enthusiasm to lead the kids and be a role model of a godly person transformed by the gospel through Jesus Christ for these kids. Pray that many become saved one day through the watering of the seeds we have planted!

Please pray that the campers would remember the fun they had at camp and the relationships built, but most importantly the message of the gospel. Pray it would transform their hearts the way God has transformed us for His glory. Pray that the work we do this next week of camp will not be in vain, and that we would be encouraged to keep serving the Lord with all excellence and perseverance. Blessings!


One response to “Faith Without Sight – Krista in Greece

  1. Krista,
    How thrilling it is to get these insights into how campers can become cabin leaders!
    Yes, we do pray that the heart- soil there would be rich and fertile, through God’s Spirit, and that very much fruit comes, to the glory of Christ.

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