Surprising Encounters – Hannah in Greece

Hi all!

We did a lot of the same things from last blog: service team duties (meal prep and cleanup, dishes, bathrooms), waterfront, climbing wall, crafts (tie dye turned out so well!), soccer, etc. The camp’s theme is Lord, Sin, Savior, Faith, so yesterday’s lesson was on sin. We ended the day with a large game of Dutch Blitz. We even played a few rounds by flashlight.

The most eventful part of the day (at least for me and my tent mates) was when we returned to our tent. We were chatting when Evie froze and said, “Victoria. Don’t freak out, but…” We all looked at the spot she was staring at… And found a spider on Victoria’s luggage. Not a small spider either. A very large one. One the size of a cell phone!

Victoria screamed (at 11:15 PM, when most of the campers were asleep.) Grace and I bolted out the door. Evie kept pretty calm and tried to help Victoria. A few others came by, alerted by the noise, and helped us get it out and kill it.

We went back in and considered checking the rest of the tent before going to bed. Lo and behold, I moved my backpack and found a wasp on the side of the tent.  Cue the scrambled exits and whispered/muffled freaking out. It left eventually, but (needless to say) we were a bit wary.

Jeremy and Kristin offered to check our tent for us. (Thank you guys!) Armed with a dustpan, headlamp, and flashlight (and totally looking like the Ghostbusters), they did so. Thankfully, other than a fly and a couple of ants, there was nothing else there. As much as we wanted to move, none of us wanted to leave each other alone there, so after applying copious amounts of bug spray, we ended up (uneasily) going to bed in the tent.

Well, we’re all still alive. Thank the Lord!

Anyway, thank you so much for your continued support! Please keep praying that we keep up our energy over the next few weeks.

Also please pray that there will be minimal insect encounters.

Thank you!


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