God’s Sovereign Plans – Krista in Greece

After Operation Joshua, Krista remains in Greece serving with Hellenic Ministries. She will join the next team from The Orchard arriving in Greece next week.

Praise God for the seeds of the gospel being planted and the encouragement it brought us!

67056795_1680797222064883_9125259101025075200_oWe had a route planned to get to Ancient Corinth, but God placed specific people in our path and changed our route multiple times to the point that we thought we were headed in the complete opposite direction heading on a train to the middle of nowhere with no way of returning to Athens. But what we didn’t know was that God had planned for two guys from Chicago to cross our path and share a train ride together. Neither of them knew each other, or myself, and when they heard I was from Chicago they couldn’t believe it and thought I was joking. Of all the trains, of all the times we could have left, of all the different train cars we could be in, us three were standing in the same spot. How does it make sense that three separate people in the middle of Greece happened to meet each other all at once and all go on the same train in the same direction? Only our God!

We were able to share the gospel, the good news of our hope in Jesus Christ, with both of these Greek Orthodox Chicagoans during our hour train ride. They listened intently and one said that it was “eye opening.” They told us they never even thought to read the Bible before, even though they each go to their Greek church. They also said they were terrified of death–something that those who have put their faith in Christ no longer fear! Neither of them own a Bible, but we encouraged them to get one and read it and consider what it says, and not just take our word for it. Pray that they would be saved and would find their hope in Jesus, and not a work based religion!

On the way home, the lady who helped us figure out how to get back spoke maybe ten words in English. But we somehow told her we came to bring Bibles, and discovered that she was one of the people who received a Bible from Operation Joshua in the town of Agrinio!! We met her on this train that is literally 3 hours from Agrinio. Again this had to be God’s divine purpose for us to run into this lady. THEN, another lady from a totally different stop came and sat with us three on the train and she was from Arta, another far town that we brought Bibles to- and she got a Bible too!! We ran into two random women who received the Word we brought them. How amazing it is that God crossed our paths!

We praise God for His sovereignty and intervention in our simple daily travel plans. For His glory!


2 responses to “God’s Sovereign Plans – Krista in Greece

  1. Krista, how awesome it is that you and your team have made yourselves available to be used by God for his purposes and for his glory.

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