Pray for Mission Team to Greece 7/22-8/8

IMG_0322The team serving at Hellenic Ministries’ summer camp at Porto Astro, Greece, departs on Monday, July 22 and returns August 8. Entrust them to the Lord by praying:

  • For the Gospel to take root and multiply believers in Greece through the Sport Camps with Hellenic Ministries.
  • For the Gospel to revive a nation that was once the heartbeat of the Early Church, and that people would awaken to their need for a Savior from their sin.
  • For the Lord to strengthen and grow the Greek Evangelical Church.
  • For God to work through the LORD, SIN, SAVIOR, FAITH lessons so that the campers  receive a clear understanding of the Gospel​ ​and trust Christ.
  • For campers to be safe and accident/injury free during the games and activities throughout the camps.
  • For the twenty Muslim Egyptian students attending the Leadership Camp to be won over by those around them who are displaying Christ’s love, hospitality, and care and that seeds of the gospel would be planted.
  • For the campers as a whole to have fun, enjoy the skills and lessons they learn, and leave camp with good memories which minister God’s love to them for years to come.
  • For opportunities to share the Gospel and our own stories of God’s transforming work in our lives.
  • For us to have joyful servant-hearts and humility as we serve.
  • For us to be refueled by God’s Word each day. For our joy and energy and love to encourage the students and staff that we minister to and alongside.
  • For safe travels to and from Porto Astro, Greece. For hassle-free navigation through the airports, timely arrivals and train connections at our destinations and all our luggage to arrive.
  • For continued team unity in the Holy Spirit, with His power sustaining us to bear spiritual fruit even when jet-lagged, experiencing culture shock, and working long hours.
  • For us to work through differences when they arise with grace, clear communication, gentleness and understanding.
  • For the health of our team as we will be working long hours in intense heat–that the Lord would watch over us and provide the rest and restoration that we need.
  • For clear communication across language barriers with ministry partners at Hellenic Ministries, with the Greek children and other camp staff.

To support this team financially, click here and choose Balkan Summer – Greece.

Thank you!

3 responses to “Pray for Mission Team to Greece 7/22-8/8

  1. Thank you for your skilled leadership in communicating these beautiful prayer points. What exciting opportunities now lie before you!
    May God prosper you in your desire to make disciples who will GO and make disciples!

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