Hungary Team Camp Week 2 Day 4 – Gretchen

DSC03586Hey there,

This trip is so fun, and I’m sad it’s coming to end. We have all built really good relationships with the campers and have gotten closer as a team and closer to God. The campers have really gotten to know God these past few weeks and they have been having some really good small group discussions after chapel.

Today, we decided to have some fun and embrace the spirit of the 4th of July. We blew up some bats and beach balls and during the English sessions we all went outside and went around hitting each other. The kids really seemed to like it because it was different then what we’ve done these past weeks. They had a blast because it let them have a chance to beat up the leaders.

After our second session of English classes, we headed to chapel. Today, Josh shared his testimony. He started with how his father got to know Christ because he was the one that lead Josh to Christ. He also talked about how God loves everyone. The message really touched a lot of the campers. They get to come to this camp for 2 weeks and learn about Christ and about all the things he does for us.

After chapel and lunch, we played a couple rounds of sharks and minnows and soccer. The kids really liked it because they had a lot of fun and relaxed a little bit at the end. After the games we started to prepare for parent night tonight. Each class did a little skit at centered on different cities around the U.S. The kids and parents really enjoyed it because they got to show all their parents what they’ve been learning these past 2 weeks at camp.

We also put together a slideshow of everything that’s happen during camp and all the fun we all had. There were definitely some tears and laughs tonight. Everyone also had a good time celebrating the past 2 weeks of camp after parent night.

Pray that we would have good conversations with kids about God tomorrow. Pray that we would have enough energy to get through tomorrow. And pray that we would keep good connections with these kids even after our last day.

One response to “Hungary Team Camp Week 2 Day 4 – Gretchen

  1. Gretchen, thanks for all the work you put into composing this letter. Love the work y’all have been doing with the children! It sounds like it’s a great time of fun (for both you and them) but also of communicating the gospel to the children and even to their parents!
    We, like you are praying for a great gospel impact not only tomorrow but in the months to come.

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