Praying for Children by Name – Mike in Albania

Earlier this week, our team joined with the church in Durres for their weekly prayer meeting. We prayed for each child by name, who had attended at least a portion of our two-week camp.

Would you join us in praying for each of these children? Friday our concluding lesson is “What is a Christian?” Please also pray that their parents would have the courage to step foot in the church on Saturday for our end of camp celebration.

Here are the children of Durres, who have blessed us with their presence and also worn us out.

Albanian kids1. Ester
2. Amelia
3. Isabella
4. Silvia
5. Elena
6. Heidi
7. Ajli
8. Greis
9. Ruben
10. Esina
11. Joel
12. Keisi
13. Dioni
14. Fernando
15. Noah
16. Arjanit
17. Franco
18.  Arber
19. Emi
20. Other Noah
21. Ema
22. Endri
23. Mateo
24. Big Samuel
25. Little Samuel
26. Tall Oliver
27. Evie
28. Megan
29. Orgesa
30. Hyris
31. Shandi
32. Marko
33. Small Oliver
34. Oriana
35. Denis
36. Emili
37. Anxhela
38. Noel
39. Joel
40. Keidi
41. Joana
42. Alen
43. Jzeta
44. Klea
45. Kevin
46. Fiona
47. Henry
48. Kristina

Thank you!


One response to “Praying for Children by Name – Mike in Albania

  1. Mike,
    thank you for naming them. God does, also. We will pray by name for them and for their families tonight!
    I hope a lot of new church friendships are formed!

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