Operation Joshua Orientation, Greece – Gina

After our arrival to O’hare airport, we were told that our flight was delayed one hour. After that hour passed they changed it to 2 hours and then 3 hours. We were beginning to think that our flight was would be cancelled, but by the grace of God we departed for Athens, Greece–5 1/2 hours late. We picked up our 2 rental vans without complication and drove 4 hours to Preveza. We arrived safely at the hotel around midnight. We got our “much needed sleep” and woke up refreshed the next morning.

Day one in Greece we met the hotel staff, walked to the Ionian Sea and had a traditional Greek lunch. We made our way to the Operation Joshua campsite for registration and check-in. Later that evening, we heard from the Hellenic Ministries President Jonathan Macris. He shared  the history and vision of Operation Joshua, and stressed the importance of the Greek people having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  We capped off night one with a beautiful time of worship music with the ocean and stars as the backdrop.

Day two was “Orientation Day,” which was consisted of learning about logistics and Bible distribution procedures. Before lunch we made a small dent in the many pallets of Bibles by loading our two vans with 25 boxes of Bibles. We are ready to go with Bible distribution!  In the evening, we heard a great sermon on Worship and capped off the night with praise and worship. The evening was not complete until we learned a few Greek phrases including, “Ine Thoro” (it is a gift). We will use that phrase a lot in the coming days as we hand out Bibles.

Our team is excited to start passing out Bibles, written in modern Greek, to the villages. We can’t wait to see how our Lord Jesus uses us to spread His Word to the people of Greece. Thank you for praying!


2 responses to “Operation Joshua Orientation, Greece – Gina

  1. Wow, Gina, “Ine Thoro” (it is a gift)! “It is the gift of God, not as a result of works…!” (Eph. 2:8-9)
    Is their President Alexander’s father? That sounds like one fine mission! Taking the gospel, “… also to the Greeks…” = Romans 1:16!
    I have been eliciting prayer from my praying buddies on Twitter. We’ve got this!

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