Hungary Team Camp Week 2 Day 3 – Sydney

DSC03817.jpgHi there,

We are now in the middle of week two and I cannot express what an amazing experience this trip has been so far, despite how tired we all feel. Not only is this my first time traveling to a different country, but also the first time I’ve flown on an airplane. So, as you could imagine, I had some anxiety going into this trip, but also lots of excitement. This opportunity to share the gospel to 60 teens, who most of them have gone or are going through very hard situations, is truly an immense blessing.

This morning me and my teaching partner explained salvation to our students in our class and also broke down the verse, John 3:16. We tried to get them to talk to us about what they thought of salvation and of God, but we did not receive much of a response. However, I believe in that we are planting seeds and that God can use these seeds in amazing ways according to His will.

Ippei did a wonderful job preaching on Mark 10:35-45. He discussed the importance of obeying the creator of the world and following His directions, as he knows exactly what works best for His creation. If we try to go our own way and be our own “god”, we would fall apart. Also, the leaders of the small groups started to complain of not having enough time to discuss the messages, and that makes me very excited.

This afternoon we went into downtown Tapolca for a scavenger hunt. Each class was given a list of certain objects or places to take a picture with or answer questions about. We all really enjoyed running around this beautiful town and being able to connect a little more with one another. Plus, we all got ice cream which, of course, everyone loved. I saw everyone laughing and getting really excited to find everything on the list. I also witnessed some deep spiritual conversations during the scavenger hunt that I hope will stir up some more curiosity about the gospel in these students.

Please be praying with us for continual growth in our relationships with the campers and that the team as a whole will keep serving well together and encouraging each other. Pray that the Lord will touch the hearts of these students and that the good news of the gospel will speak very clearly in their lives. Lastly, pray that the team and I will be filled with energy, strength, and the joy of the Lord.


2 responses to “Hungary Team Camp Week 2 Day 3 – Sydney

  1. Hi! I just had to tell Ippei that you said he did a wonderful job preaching on Mark 10:35-45. I love that passage! I want it to define everything I do for Jesus… and for others.
    You are a good sales person. You make us all want to get on over there for some of that ice cream and the scavenger hunts!
    And you also tell us how to pray rightly for you.

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