Hungary Team Camp Week 2 Days 1-2 – Ashley

Week 2 Day 1-2Hey there,

Thank you all so much for your prayers the past week. We are all so excited to be back with the campers after the weekend.

Yesterday, we had a blast playing capture the flag (despite the heat) and coloring. We talked about Nicodemus and how God gave his only son to die on the cross so we could be born again and have eternal life. It has been so encouraging to talk hear some of the students ask good, hard questions in small group. It has been even more fun to wrestle through these questions with them and find my faith growing as we do.

Yesterday was also our night to go to a camper’s house and have dinner. We all had a ton of fun at the houses we went to. It was so awesome to go to the camper’s house and meet their family. I really loved getting to taste a traditional Hungarian meal.

Today, we talked about the women at the well. It is so awesome to have the reminder that our God loves us even though he knows all we do. In fact, he loves us so much that he calls us out on our sins. How amazing and crazy is that?

After lunch we headed out to the pool. It was so much fun to sit in the hot tub and talk with students. It was also fun to go off the diving board and race down water slides. I loved the 40-minute bus ride to the water park. It gave me a chance to have good conversations with students. We are so thankful for another fun and safe day at camp and praying for another one tomorrow.

Please pray that we would continue to have good gospel-centered conversations with the campers either one on one or in small groups. Pray that we would continue to have joy in our hearts and stay encouraged as we continue the second week. And pray that the Roma students would continue to feel included at camp and loved.

2 responses to “Hungary Team Camp Week 2 Days 1-2 – Ashley

  1. Ashley, I love the story in John for it talks about God SEEKING worshipers. That’s what you guys are doing! And it even describes the nature of such worship, “in spirit, and in truth.”
    Actually, that’s amazing that you look forward to those times when you can really focus on some face-to-face talk time about Jesus! Specially cool that you love going to the camper’s home. Disciples are best built one-to-one.
    I do pray that the Roma students continue to feel included at camp, and loved. They have felt despised, like the Samaritan lady. 😢 They sound like the kind of disciples that would really worship the Father in spirit!
    Thanks for all you are doing in the name of Christ!

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