Tapolca Team – Teen Camp Week 1 Day 5/Weekend – Krista

Friday was our last day of camp for the first week! It was a rainy morning but a clearer afternoon. We have been so blessed by a cooler week of weather which has been very nice as we lead camp! We had a great day of English classes. My class (the elementary students) has been such an encouragement! Our students are extremely smart and very good at English. They catch on so well, and have so much to say once you encourage them to speak. Towards the end of the day we did a talent show.  We have a few amazing musicians perform, an acrobatics act, and a few classes who performed together.  My class did a song we have been learning throughout the week.

After the talent show, we did our goodbye ceremony. We had many students who could only be here for the first week and will not be returning for the next. We sent them off with bookmarks with handwritten notes on them, and Bibles and Christian books. Pray that this week was an impacting week for them in their faith. Pray that those who do not know Christ will become convicted of the Truth, and be saved. Pray that they would stay in contact with us, and one day be encountered by Jesus’ saving power.

During the weekend, we had some much needed rest and relaxation.  On Saturday, after sleeping in, we spend the afternoon in Tapolca.  Some of our group saw the underground caves, while the rest simply walked around and enjoyed the nice weather.  The rest of the evening we relaxed back at the Hegyesd hall, and prepared for the Sunday morning church service.

This morning, we had 14 kids comes to worship and hear from God’s word.  Some of their parents came as well.  Dillon shared a message on the Lord’s prayer from Matthew 6.  The rest of our day has been spent getting reading another week of camp.

Our team has had such a restful weekend, and are excited for another week of camp.  We are so joyful and encouraged from what God has been doing. We are so grateful for the returning campers this year, and for the new ones as well. We pray that this camp will continue to bear fruit in this next week, and Lord willing in the coming years. We are honored to be used by God in this Kingdom advancing ministry! Pray for God’s will to be accomplished in Hegyesd & Tapolca! Thank you for praying and staying up to date with this trip. To God be all the glory.

One response to “Tapolca Team – Teen Camp Week 1 Day 5/Weekend – Krista

  1. Krista,
    it was good to receive this report! Aren’t English classes a great strategy? These info blurbs are always an encouragement to those of us who follow the Orchard outreachs, and pray. May many of your students be converted. A talent show- wow!
    I do pray that the impact of this 1st week will increase their faith, unto salvation. And may many stay in contact with y’all. It’s a sort of friendship evangelism.
    How many came to the ‪Sunday morning‬ church service?
    Krista, ee are so proud of you all, going in the name of Jesus to reach folks!

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