Durres Bible Camp Closing Program – Mike

“Make it longer. Bring back the same people. Bring back more people.” This was the assessment of one happy young resident of Durres, Albania, who was one of more than 20 mostly non-Christian children to attend the first children’s Bible camp at the Durres Evangelical Church.

Having recently wrapped up the camp, God’s handiwork is evident in the consistent number of children who attended, the spirit of cooperation and partnership between the adults who served, the attentiveness of the children to the Bible lessons, and the friendships that were forged.

Kids ProgramThe highlight of the week came the day after the camp concluded, when the children returned to the church along with an adult for a program celebrating the week. The program kicked off with the children leading everyone in singing and dancing to the worship songs we had taught them in English. After each child received a personalized award, the event ended with a social time. Our parting memory of the camp was of the church filled with mostly non-Christian adults and their children. Our parting prayer is that these same people will one day pack out the church as worshippers of God.

The team to Albania has returned to the US and looks forward to sharing with you about God’s work at the children’s Bible camp. Thanks for your prayers!


3 responses to “Durres Bible Camp Closing Program – Mike

  1. How earnestly we join you in praying that these people who visited the closing program will one day pack out the DEC as worshippers of God.
    Thank you for your good service, team and church workers!

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