Pray for Gospel Presentation Today – Mike

image2We have finished Day 3 of the Children’s Camp here in Durres and have maintained attendance around 20-22 kids for the week. Praise God for their presence. So far they have heard that God created everything including them. They have learned that God is our loving provider. And they have learned that God is our protector. Please pray as tomorrow (Thursday) will be a gospel presentation about how God is our Savior. Please pray that through God’s Word the glory of Christ would be seen and children would respond in faith for salvation.

Please continue to pray for strength and energy for us to engage the children, to be faithful to the task at hand, and for God to produce fruit far beyond anything we can do in our own strength and wisdom.

We look each day at the kids like Ajli, who is a spunky little girl, Amelia, who is responsible and constantly smiles, and Leonel, a mischievous young guy, who may or may not have tried to pull my pants down today! We pray and expectantly wonder what God has in store for them.

Thanks for your continued support!


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