First Time Hearers – Kujtim & Lauren

Exciting things are happening right now at the Durrës Evangelical Church that we are eager to share with you and ask for your prayers over.  We are in day 3 of our first ever Kids Summer Camp and we are so thankful for a team from The Orchard who has come alongside our church here in Durrës team to help us put this on. We have 25 kids in attendance, and nearly all of them are from non-Christian homes. For so many this is their first time to ever hear any teaching from the Bible or about the God who loves them.

We were very open in our advertising and in our conversations with the parents that this is a Christian summer camp put on at a church and we will be teaching lessons from the Bible. Praise God that these parents allowed their children to come.

This has been one of the most encouraging things for us to see since arriving here a year ago. In a country that has known 5 decades of state enforced atheism to see a small glimpse of the future generation and the possibility for the Gospel to really take root in this land. Truly awesome!

Would you please be in prayer for these children and for our team?

  • That seeds of faith would go home with these children.
  • For relationships to continue with these families after the camp is over.
  • For both our church team and our visiting team: For continued energy, love, and good health as we all press on in full days of service.

Thank you so much for your prayer support!

Kujtim and Lauren Rushiti

3 responses to “First Time Hearers – Kujtim & Lauren

  1. Praying now as requested. Yes, it is encouraging to see (and hear about) glimpses of the possibility of the Gospel taking root!

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