Updates at the KMK – Agnes & Mark

It’s hard to believe it’s the end of the first week already. As always there is a long list of “to dos”.

Many classrooms at the KMK in Budapest need a fresh coat of paint, so two down and perhaps time for one more before the end of the week, and maybe two hallways. As always the biggest challenge of getting work done here is how much the building gets used. It makes it necessary for me to get in and out of spaces quickly or do what I can do and go back to finish it later.

Agnes panelingThe biggest project we worked on and completed (except for the trimming out) was the walls in the auditorium. Two years ago I painted these walls the burgundy color, but the hard use of the space creates a need for something more durable. So Mark, Tomi and I worked together to panel the walls. It’s always fun to work alongside these two guys. The space is used by so many, so it was exciting to see this come together!

Agnes and Orsi -croppedThere have been lots of meal invitations to catch up with team members here and hear about how the Lord is working. I spent Saturday with Tomi and Orsi and their two precious boys. I was excited to see their new home and to meet Orsi’s parents. I am looking forward to dinner with Betsy Melchers this week to hear how God is encouraging her in her work here.

Thank you for your kind support and prayerfulness.



Mark Revell, Budapest City Team Leader, adds:

We give thanks for the way God is using the KMK facility to serve the church and reach the community. Each week, more than 1,200 people come through the doors of the building, attending one of the three worship services that are held on Sunday, participating in any number of discipleship and equipping events offered by the 15 Christian organizations that use the building, taking part in school and civic programs, or enjoying the refreshments and programs at the Montázs Art Café.

We are thankful for our dear friend Agnes, who has spent two precious weeks in Budapest each spring for many years, being an encouragement and a boost to me, to facility manager Tomi, and to the rest of the team. With a professional background in commercial facility management and housekeeping, Agnes has offered a remarkable amount of assistance and expertise to us over the years. We’re grateful for Agnes’ hard work, her servant heart, and her fun personality! It’s always a joy when Agnes is in town!

5 responses to “Updates at the KMK – Agnes & Mark

  1. What a joy to see the smile on your face Agnes and how God is using your gifts to bless these people and this ministry!

  2. Agnes what a blessing you are to the ministry in Hungary at the KMK. When I am there I often have people comment on your hard work and wonderful spirt. Thanks for what you do for so many!

  3. Agnes, Mark, Orsi, Tomi, “God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you demonstrated for his name by serving the saints—and by continuing to serve them.” Hebrews 6:10 These also are gospel labors!

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