Ministry of Encouragement – Agnes

As I begin to write this I’m actually on board my final flight home. I think what stands out to me about the trip this year are the relationships that have emerged, both with the American team and the Hungarian team who are serving in Budapest at the KMK and the Montázs Art Café. There has been much work done over the years, but in the midst of it are relationships that have developed while doing the work.

It was only with team effort alongside Mark and Tomi that the two major projects were accomplished–the paneling of the auditorium and the downstairs corridor. They look wonderful!  There were lots of laughs and yes frustrations, as straight lines are not always straight in buildings the age of the KMK, but by perseverance and prayer, the tasks were accomplished.

I got to put the finishing touches on that “one more” classroom before I left.   Tomi and I painted a classroom on Thursday and there was a badly damaged corner that needed repair.  Hungary building materials are concrete, so there was wait time on drying concrete, then the mud application needed to dry.  So Saturday morning I went down very early to paint the repaired wall.

was able to have dinner with Betsy Melchers this week and enjoyed seeing Betsy’s apartment!  Love the street it is located on, such a picture of city life in Budapest. I am grateful for the opportunities that Betsy and I have to get together on both sides of the world.  I am very grateful for her heart to serve Jesus in that city in the way God has gifted her with artistic talents.

Thank you for your kind prayerfulness.

In His Service,

3 responses to “Ministry of Encouragement – Agnes

  1. Well done Agnes! Your faithful fingerprints are left everywhere in the KMK and on the lives of those who serve there!!

  2. Agnes, your service is vitally important for the Cause of Christ!
    “The share of the one who goes into battle is to be the same as the share of the one who remains with the supplies. They will share equally.”
    1 Samuel 30:24

  3. Great job Agnes – I can hear the joy in your voice as I read your words. And it makes my heart happy that you got to see Betsy! Praise God for how He is using you both for His glory in Hungary!

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