Building His Church – Brad

Turn to me and be saved all the ends of the earth!  For I am God, there is no other. Is. 45:22

This morning, Wednesday, we got an early start in order to fit in a visit to Port Astro, a ministry of Hellenic Ministries. An hour and a half drive from Athens, at a 14-acre property accessible only by water, we met two Albanian men who came to Christ through a man who prayed for the meal he shared with them individually. It was their first exposure to the Lord. Invited to work alongside Mr. Kostas, they shared in the hard work of improving the land, reading the Bible together, and trusting in the Lord for life.

Through the years, many immigrants and youth have heard the good news for the first time. We met and prayed with a couple of these laborers, heard their stories, and praised God. Seeds sown have grown and borne fruit, churches are being planted and laborers multiplied in amazing ways. The Lord is doing this through his people.


Then we drove north…

After 24 Toll Booth stops and nearly 500 miles, the team arrived in Tetovo, Macedonia, a city of approximately 100,000 Mslm Albanians, not a single church, and two known believers. We pray for more workers and for a church to come into existence here. We had supper tonight with a team of two couples who are giving their lives to see the gospel run to the ends of the earth.  Pray the Lord to add to their number and build His church in Tetovo.

Thank you for being fellow workers with us.


One response to “Building His Church – Brad

  1. Brad, it is a grand thing to be a co- builder of the church Christ purchased with his own blood! Some seeds now, but more will be sown, and by grace and perseverant prayer they will grow into an assembly where the glories of the Christ are studied.
    We will pray for Tetovo! You met and prayed with a couple of these local laborers, have heard their gospel stories, and have praised God together. They have been blessed!
    May more workers for new baby churches come into existence there, and in other towns!

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