Praying for Greece – Claire and Darcy

On Monday, Brad and Kari arrived in Durrës. Dan is spending the week with Kujtim in Durrës. The rest of the team headed south to Igoumenitsa, Greece, where we prayed for the 350-450 workers (including a team from The Orchard) who will fill the town this summer to distribute more than 120,000 Bibles to Greek households in the area. We prayed that God’s Word would be read and would penetrate the hearts of the readers.

Tuesday was a full day! We got on the road before the sun came up and started our drive to Athens. Though Athens wasn’t on our original itinerary, we had some time and were able to connect with a few church planters from Albania and Greece.

IMG_6379We met the team at the Hellenic Ministries office to learn more about their ministry and specifically about their church planting efforts in Greece. We were told how churches are starting in both urban areas and villages throughout the country. We were able to visit one of their churches and pray for the congregation to grow and thrive – and for the group of about 30 teens who faithfully attend the youth group on Fridays. The youth seem to be one of the key groups who are open and thirsty for the gospel.

Our prayer focus throughout the day was for the Lord to work in this country – for the gospel to run, for hearts to soften and open, for national leaders to rise up and for the Lord to be glorified.

Please pray for safe travels as we drive to Macedonia on Wednesday. Pray also for energy and good health as we near the end of our trip. Pray with us as we continue to inquire of the Lord about where He may choose to use The Orchard and our ministry partners in future months and years.

Darcy and Claire

6 responses to “Praying for Greece – Claire and Darcy

  1. Hearing about your trip is so thrilling! I spent some time with Dave Berry and he told me about numerous cities and the town names of the church planting pastor couples. I just heard about the Bible distribution in Igoumenitsa this summer. I will pray about that.
    Peace, joy and power!

  2. What a wonderful trip for you all – especially you, Darcy and Claire. I have such motherly pride in how you are letting God stretch you for Christian growth and that He will use you to let the gospel run.

  3. So excited for you knowing you are being blessed to be part of the Lord’s work there! I am blessed to pray for you and the remaining work in this area of the world!

  4. Darcy: I hadn’t realized you were in Greece- just seeing this blog post on FB for the first time. I’ve read through your posts and am not surprised to see the Lord doing His amazing work through you faithful servants. I’ll be praying for your time in Macedonia and that the remainder of your time/travels is safe and productive.

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