Budapest – Friday, July 14 – Katarina

(Apologies for not posting this yesterday, but we got ‘home’ very late!)

Well, it’s over. These past two weeks of camp have FLOWN by, and I couldn’t be more thankful for how well they went. Our last English classes went by great, and instead of having a normal English lesson, Rick and I let the kids teach us, which they had a lot of fun with. Goodbyes were the hardest part, especially since this is my last time being able to go on this trip, and I already miss all the friends I made so so much. After caimage1mp we got to go to dinner at a beautiful restaurant with the Hungarian leaders and up Gellert hill to see the FINA opening ceremonies.

Today during camp I got to be part of Dave and Dorothy’s Bible study. We were in the book of Revelation and I got to be a part of a really good conversation about Heaven with some campers. The girls were honest about their doubts and questions, and talking with them was really encouraging.

God has really made this a trip that’s stretched and grown me in multiple ways. One of the biggest lessons I’ve had to learn is to not lean on my own plans and visions for how this trip would go. From getting my laundry stuck in the washing machine to getting to lead worship for the first time, I was constantly reminded how much I needed to lean on God for everything, which was honestly a little frustrating at first because I like to do everything myself, but I am so grateful that we have a God that wants to help us with our lives and has set out a plan for us, because He definitely knows better than I do.

Budapest will always have a huge piece of my heart, and I’m so thankful for our team, for this camp, and for all the Lord is doing in Budapest.

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