Budapest – Thursday, July 13 – Karis

Szia everyone!

Today was a special day at camp because it was Parent Night! The kids were so excited all day to introduce us to their families and to show them what they’ve been learning. After an intense ninja battle during morning games, each class had to create and practice a funny skit they would perform later in the evening. During chapel time,  Pastor Rob shared a powerful message about how we know heaven is real,  what it will be like,  and how God offers us eternal life through faith in Jesus’ death and resurrection. Before afternoon games, one of the Hungarian leaders shared his testimony which was so cool for the campers to see how one of their peers had accepted Christ at a previous year of English camp. It was also a great conversation starter for us!

This afternoon I got the opportunity to share my testimony with one of the campers and encourage her in her walk with Christ. It was so cool to see a glimpse of how God has been working here in Hungary through getting to hear her testimony as well. Since she is a relatively new believer, she had many questions about the bible and church that we were able to talk through and find verses to help answer many of them. We also got to pray together for one of her best friends who is going through a difficult time.  After camp was over, we had a pizza party with all the leaders and set up for Parent Night. When the families arrived, a few of the leaders shared what the camp is all about and then each class performed a short skit using some of the English they’ve learned (or at least could write on their hands). From renditions of old McDonald Had a Farm to a bleeding nose knocking down celebrities, each skit had everyone laughing so hard! It was so special to meet all the families after!

Over these past two weeks God has been teaching me and challenging me to be bold in sharing my faith and not be afraid to start gospel conversations. Also to show Christ’s love to the kids in every way pIMG_5297ossible even when we are tired.

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men. Col. 3:23

We appreciate your prayers! Please continue to pray for strength, energy and that the Lord would continue to be at work in the hearts of the campers during our last day of camp tomorrow!

-Karis Augustyn









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4 responses to “Budapest – Thursday, July 13 – Karis

  1. Hi, Karis.

    I love that you all do the parent night! This will open up doors of ministry to the whole family. And the parents also went to chapel and heard Pastor Rob? Sweet! I pray that many will enter into eternal life through faith in Jesus. I wish you all could get a recording of a testimony from a Hungarian leader or student (so long as it’s in English; ha ha!)

    I hope to go to your Camp sharing time back here at church so maybe I can hear your testimony. (By the way, is Tim A. at UTB your dad? He’s my new Facebook friend). Clearly, God is working in Hungary.

    Certainly a pizza party goes a long way in ministry!

    Thank you for spending those two weeks there!

    You obeyed this: “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.”

    All the best… get home safely!


    • Hi Karis – I was so blessed to read about what the Holy Spirit is doing in your life. I will pray for a continued boldness and discerning spirit in sharing the gospel. Looking forward to hearing more about your awesome trip. Pastor Jerry (Gpa)

  2. What an amazing day you had yesterday – fun-filled but also full of great teaching, sharing and prayer! We are continuing to pray for you, the team and the campers as you finish up today and fly home soon. Can’t wait to hear more! Hugs! Grandma 💚🙏

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