Tapolca Team Returns – Finally!

After a grueling thirty-six hours in transit, seven members of the Tapolca team returned to a waiting group of welcoming parents and friends this afternoon. But delayed flights and extra long layovers didn’t dampen their enthusiasm for all that had been accomplished by God’s grace back in Hungary. During the two weeks of camp, at least three students put their faith in Christ and countless more made significant strides toward a better grasp of God’s word and His message of salvation in Christ alone. It also became apparent that over the last few years of teen camp in Tapolca, fourteen teens have come to faith in Christ. Praise God!!

Thank you for lifting up this team in prayer over these past two weeks! Please continue to pray for Krista, Delaney and Kamren who remained in Tapolca to serve at the kid’s English Camp beginning next week.

2 responses to “Tapolca Team Returns – Finally!

  1. That is wonderful news! Praise God for the teens who have come to know Jesus, and those who have learned more about Him.

  2. Last night the 20 members of the Spring Hill Day Camp came over to our house for tacos and a staff meeting. I told them what an amazing group of highschoolers we have who go over and share the gospel with kids in Hungary. They are amazing young people– the hope of the future!
    Kudos to the spiritual leaders of the Chicagoland Orchard network of churches!

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