Budapest – Monday, July 10 – Kristen

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful start to your  week-we certainly did! We had a fun and restful weekend which was just what we needed to be at our best for another week of camp.

Today was a pretty typical day schedule wise at camp. We started off the morning with an intense game of limbo (shoutout to Dorothy who ROCKED it!!) and then we were on to English class. After that it was time for chapel. Sam gave a very heavy, but incredibly important, message on the Cross and what it means for us. While the campers were in their small groups after the message, the team spent a long time praying for them and their conversations so that it would be a fruitful and convicting  time. And the Lord certainly answered our prayers! Praise God that a girl came to accept Christ as her personal savior today!!! Please be keeping her in your prayers and that other Hungarians would walk alongside her and she begins her walk with Christ.IMG_2132

After the afternoon English class I went to Dave and Dorothy’s Bible study which dove into the topic of the cross even more. It still gives me chills to hear the Word spoken in different languages! I had the amazing opportunity to give a girl, who became a believer last week at camp, her own Bible along with a Hungarian translation of 10 Keys to Unlocking the Bible by Pastor Colin. I encouraged her to start reading the book of John so please also be praying  that she would have the desire to start to read her Bible and would have the courage to ask questions and discuss what she’s reading.

Finally, we ended our day with some dinner at a nearby mall and then we climbed to the top of Gellért Hill which arguably has the most breathtaking view of Budapest! Even with this being my second time in Hungary I will never get tired of seeing this beautiful city from every angle.

Thank you so much for your prayers and please continue to pray for physical, emotional, and spiritual strength for the days ahead so that we can spend and be spent for the Gospel. We can’t wait to see what else the Lord has in store!!


~Kristen Paraskevas

2 responses to “Budapest – Monday, July 10 – Kristen

  1. Hi, Kristen!

    Thanks for asking, we had the beginning of Springhill day camp today! Kind of like what you guys are doing,

    It is so wise that you have both fun and rest, chapel and camp work.

    Your English class ministry is awesome!! The dear Lord is certainly answering all of our prayers! Praise God that a girl accepted Christ as her personal savior! We will keep her in our prayers, and ask that other Hungarians will walk alongside her as she begins her walk with Christ.

    If the message of the cross gives you chills, wait till you hear the Lamb’s praises in different languages, in glory!

    Man, Budapest must be a beautiful city! Wait till it’s fill with new, true worshipers as Jesus said in John 4:23-24.

    Thanks for going!

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