Budapest – Tuesday, July 11 – Matt

Hello Everyone! I just wanted to give a quick update on how the day went, what happened, and what God has been teaching me.

Today was LAKE DAY! So, the schedule was quite different at camp. Early in the morning, two very impacting testimonies were shared with all of the students and leaders. It was a very uplifting way to start the day. IMG_4103

After, the entire camp of over one hundred people went by train to Lake Velence (about a 30 minute trip). This was a great time for all of the campers and leaders to have fun pushing each other off the dock into the water, playing beach volleyball, and spike ball. While at the lake, many of us tried eating Langos. Langos is fried dough with sour cream and cheese on top. I definitely felt my stomach rolling after that, but it was well worth it.

The time at the lake allowed for many rich conversations. I had the amazing opportunity to share my testimony with a boy from camp. It was so encouraging to see him be invested in the conversation and ask many questions. I was also given the unique privilege to hear his testimony. It is fascinating how we both have very different testimonies, yet our stories are both connected by the Lord Jesus Christ. This was just one of the many conversations the whole team had throughout the day.

Please pray for continued energy through this week, that there would continue to be more opportunities to share the Gospel, and that the students would be able to see the greatness of God.

The Lord has been teaching me that everyone on this trip has a vital role. It is not possible to run camp without all of the leaders who are there. God has taught me to be satisfied with my role. Knowing this, I can be full of energy and excitement and contribute to God’s mission. We are all so excited to see how God will continue to work through the campers and our team.


2 responses to “Budapest – Tuesday, July 11 – Matt

  1. It is wonderful to hear all that is going on – in your lives, as well as the students you are interacting with! The Lord is present!

  2. Hi Matt.
    It is so sweet to hear about you gospel servants having time having more natural relations with the local kids, to be able to share your testimonies and for them to tell you about their growing faith in Jesus. That is so exciting!
    I am excited, for my wife and I are having 20 people from the Barrington Orchard church over tonight, the college-age students who are counseling with our children in the spring hill day camp. So we’re feeding a bunch of people and going to have a good time of fellowship tonight.
    Be strong in his strength,

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