Thursday – July 6 – Leah

Hi everyone!

Today was our fourth day at camp.  This week has really flown by. By now our sleep schedules are somewhat on track, and we love waking up to go to camp!

Today was a really special day at camp. One of the girl students had been talking to Sam and a Hungarian leader during small group, and today she accepted Jesus as her Savior. This camp is such an amazing place for kids to feel comfortable with talking to people about their faith. This place is so blessed to have a pastor preach every other day in the Hungarian language and small groups led by Hungarian speaking leaders, and this is an amazing opportunity for us leaders who can’t speak Hungarian to ask what they were about. This is so encouraging to do because many of the students are very open to talking about what they have learned. One of my students, who had been very closed to the idea of God, talked to one of the Hungarian leaders and me about God being fully human and fully God. This is just one of the many seeds that have already been planted.

After camp both the leaders from The Orchard and Hungary got to go to the mall and eat dinner and gelato together. This was such a great opportunity to get to know our co-leaders. The relationships we have built, even in these few days, are so much stronger than I thought they would be.


Playing badminton in the park

This week I have learned to take every opportunity to make new friends and have conversations with people about Jesus, even if it is uncomfortable at first. Please continue to keep our team in your prayers as we continue to plant seeds and form deeper relationships with the students.


2 responses to “Thursday – July 6 – Leah

  1. Leah,
    Thanks for this!
    It is so nice that you love waking up to go to camp. “Enthusiasm” means “filled with God!”
    That’s sweet about the girl talking to Sam and the Hungarian leader in small group- Wow, she accepted Jesus as her Savior! Girl, you just made my day!
    The logistics of all of your activities, language wise, kind of blows my mind. How do you do it? It’s like Acts chapter 2 when the Lord was able to get the word of God to so many different language groups. So many seeds being planted!
    Yes, get to know your co-leaders in the English camp ministry. The relationships built will bear spiritual fruit and all of your lives!

    I will continue to keep your team in prayer as you dear folks continue to plant gospel seeds and build deeper relationships with the students.

  2. Way to Go Team Budapest. Plant those seeds! It is so encouraging I imagine to witness a sister ask Jesus to be her Lord and Savior! Thank You all for sharing your stories! We think of you and pray for you many times daily!

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