Tapolca Team – July 6 – Nathan Healy

IMG_6351Today was our longest day yet, but it was one of the best! We started the day off with a game of ninja before classes, a favorite amongst the campers.  Then, during out English lessons, we prepared for Parent night in the evening.  On parent night, we invite the students families to come to see all that they have learned from the week, but it also means that we are with the campers from 9 in the morning until around 8 or 9 at night.  It was a full day.

During the chapel time, Josh preached from the Parable of the Pearl of great price from Matthew 13. He preached on the greatness of God’s saving grace and why it is worth giving up everything for. Small groups went really well today. The kids in Krista’s group and David’s group (one of our translators) were very inquisitive and open to discussion.

The rest of the day was filled with games, a little more time for preparation and then pizza with the students as we wait for their parents to arrive.  Right around 5:30, parents started showing up and the show was on.

I teach the Upper Beginner class with Kamren and our class did a zoo skit. One of our students, Niki, dressed up as a tourist while the rest of us dressed up as animals. She came up to each of us and asked, “What animal is this?” and we would respond with the name of the animal we dressed as and then make a noise. I was a goat so I said, “baaaaaaaa!” We got a lot of laughs and it was a lot of fun.

The other teams’ skits were great, too! The Beginner and Elementary classes both did raps, and the Advanced class told jokes. Some of them were very funny! Others acted out biblical parables which was really cool to see the kids get involved in. I think the parents really enjoyed the performances. At the end there was a slideshow recapping camp over the last two weeks. It was really cool to see all of the highlights and memories we’ve made while in Hungary.

Please continue to pray for the kids! Camp is almost over, and we must be intentional with our conversations. Pray that the kids will be open and receptive to the Gospel and come to see Jesus and his mercy as the greatest treasure that’s worth giving up everything for.

One response to “Tapolca Team – July 6 – Nathan Healy

  1. Hey Nathan!

    It’s so awesome that things are progressing!

    Parent night is such a good idea because the parents’s hearts will be drawn into their children’s well-being. And they will appreciate all the hard work you guys have done. It sounds like every day there is a a full day. 🙂

    Does Josh Newton determine who goes from the Upper Beginner class to another level?

    So you played a goat and said, “baaaaaaaa!” I think that’s the local dialect. Ha!

    Acting out biblical parables is really so smart and gets the kids get involved.

    Nathan, I am certain you will take great memories you all have made in Hungary.

    Very good and focused prayer requests that will review Josh’s message about the “greatest treasure that’s worth giving up everything for.” The Hungarian kids are that, and so are you!

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