Praying in Filippi – Brad

team in PhilippiThe Via Egnatia Prayer team returned to Chicago greatly blessed. Every day of our prayer foray was better than the day before!  Each day added to the number of Christians for whom we prayed, harvest fields we saw, and the anticipation of God’s word increasing and multiplying in answer to those prayers.  Everywhere more workers are needed—the harvest is ready and plentiful.  What a wonderful time in history to be partnering in the Balkan region with passionate evangelists and church planters!

It was impactful to visit the ancient city of Filippi and to pray near the place of prayer from Acts 16. We tried to picture where God opened Lydia’s heart to the gospel and saved her. We saw where Paul and Silas were imprisoned and where the gospel was preached to the jailer so that he and his household could be saved.

Last night in AlbaniaOn our final night in Albania we had a visit from Kujtim. He was picking up Pete Alle from the airport. They stopped by and shared supper with us at the hotel—we were all rejoicing—Louis and Kujtim finished Momentum together last year and had prayed for the day the Lord would place Kujtim and his family in Durres. The Udchiks and Pete were in Leverage together.  Karolina, an Orchard Network resident, extended her stay in Durres by a week in order to further serve alongside Kujtim and his team.

We’re praying the Lord to send workers into his harvest fields. Are you next?  Talk to any pastor at The Orchard or to Brad Mullet.

One response to “Praying in Filippi – Brad

  1. Brad, following you all in prayer along the Via Egnatia Rd. was a blessed activity for me. I am so glad you met Christians, saw potential harvest fields, and the entered more fully into the anticipation of God’s word increasing in the region. I will continue to pray for more workers. What a wonderful time in history that we are living in!
    As you guys approached Filippi Acts 16 came alive, afresh to my own heart. Oh, for more of the same in the Balkans and throughout the world!
    I know that the wonderful and visionary work of the Orchard Network was so pivotal in all of these wonderful reunions you guys had in Durres!
    Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the king of creation!

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