Wednesday – July 5 – Nate

Szia! My name is Nate Mayo and today at English Camp we had a lot of fun! This morning after our commute to the camp by Metro we began with some dancing games and then started our English lessons. Today we taught our group (the beginner level) about animals. We did an activity where we made our own zoo and the kids drew animals with tIMG_0712he animal’s name on the exhibit. Then the whole camp did a scavenger hunt out in the city and we had to do funny poses (such as doing 36 jumping jacks) in front of different stores. Finally, after dinner we went to Heroes Square which is an impressive monument established 1,000 years after the founding of Hungary itself.


Most importantly, one of the ways that I have seen God working on this trip is in the way that He has been helping the interaction between the beginner level English class students and me. The language barrier initially made it hard to interact with the students, but now they are talking with us more and are beginning to feel comfortable with us. One thing to pray for is that conversations about God would continue to come up so that we can get a chance to share with the students what Christ has done for us in our lives. I hope that everyone back home had a great 4th of July and I will continue to work hard at Camp! Sziasztok!

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