Tapolca Team – July 5 – Joan Tierney

Please pray for the Harvest!  We believe that we can reap seeds that have been sown over the course of many years.  Today we had a middle school girl say that she has known Christ was her Savior since she attended kids camp five years ago!  There is a high school freshman who says her only Christian friends are from camp, and that there are about ten Christians at her high school.

Dave and Dorothy Berry (from the Orchard)  were visiting today from the Budapest Camp that the Orchard Arlington is leading.  Dorothy was talking to a camper who started with us on Monday and this camper said that she has wanted to pray to accept Christ but wasn’t sure how.  She and Dorothy had a tear filled talk and prayer.  We have a group of middle school girls who shyly came forward to tell me today that they loved Jesus and trusted that He loved them and died for them.   We will continue this conversation tomorrow.  The true Gospel of Christ has been preached clearly in this tiny town, and we believe in the promise that it will never return empty.

IMG_0947We are tired.  It’s so emotional being here and putting our hearts into  not only sharing God’s Word, but playing games, doing crafts, making small talk when you don’t speak the same language, and keeping up with our daily living needs.  The Worship Team is completely devoted to having a quality service daily for our campers.  They practice every night because they take seriously the responsibility placed upon them.  There are other daily responsibilities on-top of  running camp, and we are living in close quarters.  Everyone is happy and grateful but now and then things just feel more emotional than they really are. I know I was crying like a baby because Nick Emeke was playing these country songs about little kids and red trucks or whatever.  We have happy tears, because there is just such intensity of emotion here.

Today for dinner we went to a large lake (Balaton) with little shops and great ice cream.   A couple of people went in the water, but most of the kids sat at the picnic tables and talked.  We go to Tesco (a Wal-Mart type store) almost every day.  For the equivalent of the an American dollar you can get a large chocolate bar.   All 18 of us swarm across the store for fifteen minutes and then walk out carrying cases of water that cost 80 American cents.  We all enjoy looking for bargains, but a lot of products are more expensive then home.

One of our translators, Lily, left today.  We will miss her.  She is trekking across Europe and we were just a delightful little stop on a long journey for Lily.  Getting to know the translators is one of the joys of being here.  They are all delightful and most are believers.

Thanks for praying for us and praying for this mission.  Pray for our day tomorrow since it will be an extra long day.  We will be having a parent night where the kids will get the chance to show the parents what they’ve learned.  We will also have the opportunity to share the gospel with the students and their parents one again.  Pray that we have the strength and energy to get through a long day and the ability to be winsome and bold with the parents when they come!

2 responses to “Tapolca Team – July 5 – Joan Tierney

  1. What a great update! We are praying for you and all those in Tapolca every day, as well as for more full-time workers in the harvest. It surely sounds like the wind of the Holy Spirit is blowing in Hungary. You are so blessed to be a part of this work.

  2. Joan, that is a tremendous story about you having the privilege of witnessing where a seed of faith that was planted years ago Spring to life in the heart of a young person!
    It brings joy to our hearts as we read about Dorothy being able to lead that child to Jesus!
    “Do not be weary in doing good deeds. In due season you will bear fruit if you do not faint!” (Galatians 6.9)
    You guys have been sowing good seeds and you will reap with joy, no question. And the tears will be there. Ha- that was so cute! (Psalm 126.5).
    Such a good report! I feel like I was just transported in my mind’s eye to Hungary!

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