Tuesday – July 4 – Linnea S.

Szia from Budapest!

Today was our second day at English camp, full of fun games and good conversations with our Hungarian students.  During camp these past two days, I’ve immediately grown closer to my new Hungarian friends, especially by talking with them during game time.  I specifically had the opportunity to get to know one teenage girl during game time yesterday.  She’s a quieter, less energetic student, and since games don’t really appeal to her, we decided to just sit in the shade and talk.  As we sat and watched other kids play dodgeball, she began to open up to me and told me how tired she was of all the drinking, smoking or partying that kids her age participated in, and how refreshed she felt to be surrounded by all of the people at  the English camp who don’t do those things.


Although that conversation wasn’t directly about the Gospel, I can definitely see God working in conversations like these and helping our team build relationships with Hungarians so that we can share the Gospel with them and hopefully guide them in their walk with Christ.  It’s incredible how quickly we’ve been able to establish relationships with people here, and I’m excited to see what god has in store for the rest of our time here in Hungary!

3 responses to “Tuesday – July 4 – Linnea S.

  1. It is GREAT to hear of all the conversations the Team is having. How wonderful to just listen, and walk alongside of, these students.

  2. Linnea S. – We love to hear about the world in which these kids live in and their need for the Gospel and the beautiful life and freedom that come with it! Please tell the Hungarian kids that many people are praying for them! Thank you for serving and sharing! 🙂

  3. Linnea,
    Sweet that you have new Hungarian friends. Friendship, along with sharing the word, is the strongest tool for personal evangelism.
    Although that one conversation you spoke of wasn’t directly about the good news God will use it in working in their hearts and helping your team members to build solid relationships!
    It’s great that you could establish winning contacts with the young people there!
    Well done,
    Pastor Mike
    Peaceful Independence Day!

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