Tapolca Team – Day 6 – Joan Tierney

We are all so happy.

Today was a day of rest.  We had service this morning and about a dozen campers showed up.  Two girls brought their parents and their brother too.   It was stunning to meet them and know that they heard Dillon preach the true Word of God. They heard the Gospel clearly, probably for the very first time.  We sang in both Hungarian and in English, and His praises filled this tiny street.  Dillon preached on confession and used Psalm 32 as his reference.  It was so exciting to see non-believers reaching for Bibles because they wanted to see the words themselves.

We cleaned the apartment today.  The only problem we run into is that our team tends to squabble over who gets to help with chores, as we all are eager to claim the blessing in heaven for ourselves.  This is a remarkable group of young people.  If you were here you would see them with their Bibles out all day long.  At 5:30 in the morning one group sits at the kitchen table, and today I spotted a group in the afternoon sitting on the ground discussing His Word.  I saw two others walking past with Bibles and notebooks, and where they went to study I don’t know.  These young people are true believers and spending time daily in the Word is part of who they are.

We always enjoy the Hungarian food, but today was a new high in our culinary experience.  We drove through the countryside to a charming little village and sat on the front porch of a local restaurant.  Three of us shared “double platters” and they were stacked with chicken, pork, fresh vegetables, and rice. The little local shops are not accustom to large groups and it’s obviously stressful for them when we come in.  Our translators assure them that everything is fine, and we all smile and nod our heads our heads empathically, but I know they are happy when we leave.  It’s all part of getting to know and appreciate the culture, and we are loving it.

Tomorrow will be an early morning.   The kids want to be out the door by six so they have time to read the Beatitudes on the hillside and pray.  They are eager to commit the day the Lord, and throw themselves into praying loudly for the Power of His Word to commit our campers to a life of faith in Christ.    I am looking forward to Worship Service.  There will be 60 non-believers singing loudly with arms held high.  The Holy Power of His Word will convict this unreached group.  It is nothing but joy to be here.  Thank you to everyone who supports us in prayer and deed.  Please pray for the Harvest – so many a close.

One response to “Tapolca Team – Day 6 – Joan Tierney

  1. Joan, we too are SO happy after reading this piece! To read of you dear workers vying to “claim the blessing in heaven” for themselves is wonderful. If only more of us said, “It is nothing but joy to be here.” This is just what we hope and pray for!
    We pray God’s power in His Word will lead your campers to a life of faith in Christ soon. I think of John 4:40-41. “So when the Samaritans came to him, they asked him to stay with them, and he stayed there two days. And many more believed because of his word.”
    We are delighted to support you all in prayer. Good news that so many are close.

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