Budapest – Sunday, July 2 – Rick

Szia blog readers! I’m Rick Weerts, the greatest senior guy returning to Hungary (by default). Today was an exciting first day. Many of us are recovering from jet lag, so we took our time getting up and eating breakfast. After getting quick briefings from our leaders, we took the metro over to the Hungarian Parliament, or the OrszágháIMG_0784z. It’s really an impressive building, and I hope you all get a chance to see it someday. Today was also the Red Bull Air Race, so we got to see stunt pilots test flying a course right above the river.

After lunch at Arriba, the Budapestian version of Chipotle, we headed to KEGY, a Hungarian church that’s in the same building as our camp. We had the blessing of hearing a Hungarian sermon (in English!). Afterwards, we hurried down to the first floor to meet with our Hungarian partners and go over our lesson plans. Then we set up our classrooms and got together with our slightly altered teaching groups. After we finished organizing, we met in the chapel/auditorium/former movie theater for a final meeting before going back to our airbnb. We had a satisfying first day, and we’re completely mostly ready for tomorrow! We would appreciate prayers that we connect well with our students, and that they’re open to the Word of God. Thank you all, and good night!

One response to “Budapest – Sunday, July 2 – Rick

  1. Hi Rick, humble young bro 😉 Thank you for returning to Hungary and being excited about the mission.
    You tell of a former movie theater you all used for a meeting. Sounds like the place Betsy Melchers said was used for Communist Propaganda uses. How history can change!
    Rick, you can count on our prayers that you will connect well with the Hungarian students, that they will be open to hearing and responding to the Word of God.

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