Tapolca Team – Day 5/6 – Nick Ehmcke

Woah, has this week been amazing. This Friday we took the campers on a walk to a nearby lake. Sitting underneath the pine trees, Abi and Joan shared their testimonies. Both of their stories followed the power of God in transforming lives and the gospel message, rather emotionally. These stories became the final chapter in an awe-inspiring week.

God’s hand clearly moved in the past five days. From day one, there was evidently a connection with the teens, as if no break between this year and the last existed. The openness of the kids is unparalleled in comparison to previous years. The campers engaged in deep, honest conversations all week, especially in the small groups, in light of Josh’s and Dillon’s preaching. In addition to the students’ honesty, we have found increased interest from the campers in coming to church tomorrow! This past year, only two students were picked up and driven to our service. This year, we are anticipating significantly more.

Personally my favorite part of the week occurred when asking one of the advanced students what his plans for the weekend were. His response was something along the lines of “Nothing really except buying a Bible.” The truly amazing part of this trip is that we are only half way done. The types of interactions are typical in late week two. Certainty not day three or four of camp!

Please pray for our health as a team; Several members of our team members have been feeling under the weather for various reasons, and the strain of camp is weighing on us all. But above all, if y’all could pray that these conversations with the student’s would turn into commitments to Jesus, that the kids would continue to ask good questions, and that the momentum would continue, that would be awesome.

We eagerly look forward to camp this upcoming week, and are excited to see what the Lord will do in Tapolca, Hungary.


3 responses to “Tapolca Team – Day 5/6 – Nick Ehmcke

  1. Nick, Abi, Joan and all you heroes are making us all full of joy. We believe that only eternity will reveal the impact of your love labors in Topolca! Champions of Christ!!

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