Team is Already Praying – Brad M.

Team w Kujtim and AlbanoThe Balkan Summer (Via Egnatia) team arrived Saturday after a delayed flight from Rome. I gave them 45 minutes to freshen up at the hotel and we started praying. I told them to keep their eyes open when we pray, since we don’t pray to be seen “praying” by men, and you’ll see things to pray for. We drove into Durres and found Kujtim at the church. We met his ministry partner, Albano, and heard his testimony over lunch, adding to our list prayer requests from him and Kujtim. We got to see Kujtim’s new apartment and prayed for him and his family there. We praise God for the wonderful provision of this apartment! Why are we surprised? God is the giver!!

As we begin this week of prayer, we went to the high point overlook to pray over the city and inquire of the Lord, “What great things can we ask of You concerning Durres?” We prayed for the requests we heard so far and began to sense God giving us a heart for souls in Albania.

Team on beachThe temperature is high right now—we have sweat running off us while just sitting in the shade! I took the team to dip their feet in the Adriatic Sea to cool off. There’s no sand on this beach, just rocks and nasty sharp stuff! Then we drove back toward Sukth and found the church where we’ll worship at 10 am tomorrow. By this time, I had several very tired people in the van, so I finally took them back to hotel to get some rest.

While they slept, I met Hassan at a security gate to the hotel. I gave him a small bag of pistachios I’d bought. He was grateful and seemed to say, “This stranger gave? Why?” The thought came to me, get his name, give the pistachios, pray. He said, “Thank you very much, goodbye,” and gave me a hug. God still moves. I know God directed this. Now I pray for Hassan and tomorrow I’ll go visit him again.

Tomorrow we worship with the church in Sukth at 10 am, have lunch with Pastor Besmir and his family, then drive to pray thru Durres. Louis from our team will preach at the Durres church at 7 pm.

These are valuable days to the harvest here.


10 responses to “Team is Already Praying – Brad M.

  1. Brad, we appreciate your good, timely info. Proverbs 2413:17
    (Living) says “reliable communications permits progress” and we desperately want the gospel word to zoom!

  2. Praise God for a safe arrival! Paul and I are praying for the team and city and ministry as we can actually visualize all the places you write about. Please say hello to Kujtim, Arvid and Bessie. God bless you all!

  3. Praising Him for your arrival. Looking forward to hearing more about how He will be working in, with, and through you.

  4. Sending love and prayers to this A-TEAM!! May there be many more Hassans in your paths — “Like apples of gold in settings of silver is a word spoken in right circumstances.” Prov 25:11. And always carry a bag of pistachios!

  5. This is so exciting! I’ll be checking the blog everyday….and I don’t read blogs 😉 Praying with you, Margo

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