First Monday of Teen Camp – Kamren

Today was the first day of teen English camp in Tapolca!  There are about 65 kids at camp this week! Over half are returning students, but we also have around 20 new students.  It was great to see old students and continue relationships with them, and also to meet all the new students!

English lessons went really well for the first day, and the kids were all really comfortable with each other and us.  During chapel Josh gave a message on what the Bible is.  Josh explained how the Bible is a book filled with books, and that even though it was written by different authors over thousands of years, the Bible speaks about one story: God’s love for us in Jesus.

But for me, the most spiritually enriching thing came later that day.  Something we do on the first day is English discussion group.  We get an envelope full of questions in English to ask the students to spark discussion.  One of the questions was “What qualities would you want in a father?”  The kids in my group answered that they would look for qualities that their father has.  I used that question to talk about the qualities that God has, which led into a whole explanation of the gospel. Then I asked if that made sense and what questions they had.  This led to a longer discussion where I got to answer some of their questions about faith.

One girl I was talking to is from a Catholic family, so she believes in God, but she believes that she can save herself.  The boy who was also in our conversation was more focused on how unfair it is that a murderer could come to be saved, but the person they murdered, if they did not believe, would end up in hell.  At the end, I asked them if everything made sense.  They said it did, but they were not yet ready to believe.  I told them that they are always going to have questions, and that when they know that Jesus came to die for them, and save them from their sins, and they accept Him as their Savior, they need to pick whether the truth is more powerful, or the doubts.  I asked if they would come to me with any more questions, and when they come to know that it is true,  I wanted them to come to me so we could pray to God to ask Him to be their Savior.  And they said they would do that, which hopefully, they will.

Please thank God for the opportunity we have here in Hegyesd to share the gospel with the lost!!!  Also please pray for the students, that they would be open to more gospel conversations and that God would open their eyes to the truth.

Goodnight from Tapolca!


3 responses to “First Monday of Teen Camp – Kamren

  1. Kamren, you just made an English camp day in Hegyesd come alive. Thanks! It sounds like a rough and tumble mix of seeking hearts with real questions. May the Lord of Harvest powerfully work so that youth get it and get going for Jesus, in Hegyesd, and throughout the Balkans!

  2. Very nice Kamren you should be proud of yourself. It is people like you that make the world a better place. Keep the faith. Love you valerie

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