High School Teams to Hungary

2017 Hungary Team 021817Today is departure day for the first group of the thirty-four high school students and adults who will be in Hungary this month to lead two-week English outreach camps for teens, teaching English and sharing the gospel over meals, games, lessons and activities. Two recent high school graduates, Ethan Hand and Maggie Tierney, have spent additional time before the camps meeting with Hungarian students and learning about the ministry of our missions partners in Tapolca and Budapest. Three of our students will stay on in Tapolca for an additional two weeks to help run the camp for children.

Ten people travel to Hungary today (and meet up with two already there), and 22 travel next Friday. Please pray for travel safety, team unity which exhibits Christ, opportunities to share the gospel boldly, that Hungarians are transformed by the Good News of Christ, and that a church is established in Tapolca.

Thanks for praying!




One response to “High School Teams to Hungary

  1. Georgette, thank you so much for this good report. I know Ethan Hand, and now I know Maggie a little bit better. I didn’t know her when I read her report about the Arts Café.
    It’s so good to have these specific requests about the English camps- thanks!

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