Next Generation Missionaries – Brad M.

Dear Family in Christ,

wedding picIt was a pleasure for me recently to officiate at the wedding of Patrik and Viola Balkus in Hungary.  What a joyous occasion to celebrate their marriage and a reminder to all present the union of Christ and His Church.  Of 140 in attendance, a majority of them had not heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. The service was in both English and Hungarian languages so all could hear. I preached the gospel to all in attendance and we prayed for God to open hearts.

Patrik and Viola desire to be in church planting ministry with Dillon Mack and others with ReachGlobal in Hungary. Patrik grew up in Budapest and Tirana, Albania, graduated from Moody Bible Institute, and looks forward to serving as a second generation servant of Jesus Christ.  Pray for more workers from Hungary to be sent into the harvest.

Ethan with Pillsbury dough boySunday after the worship service in Budapest at KEGY, we drove to Tapolca and had a late night meeting with Ethan Hand.  This week he’s teaching English at a school program in Szigliget, a village near Tapolca. Pray for church plants to sprout up in this region of Hungary.  God is clearly directing his workers in the Balkan region. Our next stop is Tirana, Albania. Thanks for sending and supporting gospel workers to this region!


2 responses to “Next Generation Missionaries – Brad M.

  1. Thanks for the update. The missions work is such an encouragement to the church body. I can see the joy in the pictures.

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