Pressing on in Preparation for Camp – Ethan

Hello Friends, Family, and Supporters!

The past two weeks have been a lot of uncertainty and walking by faith, from planning events (for which no one RSVP’d), to going to schools for Chicago presentations on very short notice.

IMG_5560We’ve had many opportunities to connect with students:  soccer/basketball games, movie nights, ice cream outings, etc. Now, Dezso and I are planning a beach day as a way to further connect with teens and encourage them to register for teen camp. Teen camp now has over 50 students registered (praise God!) and we are still looking for a full camp of 65 students.

The prayer meeting that I mentioned in the last update went really well, and it would be a welcome addition to the weekly schedule of the church here. With school getting out these past two weeks, timing has not been good for a prayer meeting, but we are hoping to resume meeting next week. Please pray that these nights of worship and prayer can continue to happen and that they can be a blessing and place for growth of the church.

The Chicago high school team from The Orchard is arriving a week from tomorrow. Please pray for safe travels, and that their hearts and mine would continue to be prepared and molded for service in the camps. We are all very excited for the opportunities that will be presented to us during those two weeks.

Continue to pray for me! I am so encouraged by you and the encouragement and the prayer that you share.

In Christ,


2 responses to “Pressing on in Preparation for Camp – Ethan

  1. Thank you for the update – many blessings to you and the missions team. You are an encouragement to us, back home in Illinois.

  2. Ethan, this report really helps those of us who want to participate in praying for the work there.
    I think I now know what Dezso looks like!
    Be strong in God’s might!

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