Building up Believers – Ethan

Hello Supporters and Prayer Warriors!

I am currently working to establish a weekly prayer meeting and worship time with the missionaries and believers that gather for church weekly here in Tapolca. We will spend time in prayer for personal struggles as well as for the government, the country, for seekers, and for the church in Tapolca. We will also sing praise to God together for all that He has done and will do. Our hope is to make this a weekly meeting, so that the church may grow and be strengthened through meeting regularly and praying together.

I am asking here for your prayer of blessing on this meeting, that our hope might become a reality through the working of the Holy Spirit.

Pray for Magdolna, a believer who comes with many burdens and struggles, that she would be encouraged and would find prayer with other believers a healthy outlet for her grief.

Pray for Eva, another believer, that she could be led to pray for her friends and family, and that she might be developed as a leader and influencer in the community.

Pray for Kristen, an American teaching English in a school in town, that she would come and contribute to our prayer meeting, and that she could be an influencer here in Hungary as well as back in the Chicagoland area when she goes back in June.

Pray for me, Deszo, Shaun, and Sondi, that we would be encouraged to continue meetings like this, and that we would have the wisdom and the Spirit to lead the church here in praise and in prayer.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers. You are so encouraging to me and to Dezso and to Shaun and to Sondi.

In Christ,


2 responses to “Building up Believers – Ethan

  1. Thank you for the request Ethan. We will be praying for you and the team that is there. Have you picked a day and a time for each week?

  2. This initiative is meeting a true need that we also sensed. We will pray with you! We are blessed to see the way the Lord is leading and using you as a significant part of the Tapolca team!!

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