Connecting with Students – Ethan

The past two weeks have been full of school visits and different events. I have been continuing to go into schools, giving presentations to English classes and inviting the students there to The Orchard’s teen camp, where they will have an opportunity to hear the gospel from many different Orchard high school and college students.

I have also been trying to connect with students before the camp, to continue personally inviting them to sign up for the camp and expose them to the gospel beforehand.

On Monday, May 16th, Dezso (a Hungarian missionary here) and I did a school presentation, and the teacher liked it so much she invited us back for another class the same day (yay!). The students in that second class were so excited that they invited us to play soccer with them after school! We were so excited to connect with the students there and we are praying that God uses opportunities like these to help build the church here in Tapolca.

Dezso testimonyIn addition to the school visits, Dezso and I led a hike up a large hill just outside of town, and we were able to take 10 students between the ages of 12 and 18 with us. On the top of the hill we talked, played games, and both Dezso and I were able to share our testimonies. After the hike, a student named Kevin told us that he was very excited to be attending the teen camp! Please rejoice with us for the work that God has done and will do in Kevin!

As you remember me in your prayers, please pray:

– God will fill our teen camp with students who will be impacted by the gospel of Jesus Christ

– Opportunities for deeper and impactful relationships with students

– For Arpod and Andrea, first-time visitors to our church last week who are currently in the U.S.

Thank you all for your continued prayer, support, and investment in the mission work in Tapolca. The team here is so grateful for you. If you have any questions or encouragement feel free to reach out to me any time!!




One response to “Connecting with Students – Ethan

  1. You are a blessing to Tapolca Ethan! We will be praying for Kevin and the other students, and for Arpod and Andrea whom we were privileged to meet just a few short weeks before returning home.

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