Help Wanted – The Koehnke’s

Job description:

Workers needed in various departments: praying, ploughing, sowing, giving, waiting, watering, harvesting, discipleship, leadership, worship.

Qualifications: perseverance, persistence, faithfulness, commitment, love for others, a heart and willingness to serve, ability to adjust to another culture, learn a new language, laugh at yourself, willingness to follow leadership, work extended hours as needed, sense of humor, able to rejoice in all circumstances and be a good example to others.

Benefits: Excellent rewards (payable upon death), everlasting joy, fellowship in a great family, personal growth.

Training provided. Find more information here.

OK, OK, we know God doesn’t need to place a want ad! But he does want volunteers! Are you willing to be a part of His work?

Last week here in Tapolca there were ten women in the weekly bible study group! ESL classes are expanding! The summer camps are filling up fast, even before they have been advertised! The Kids Club is steadily growing! There is a real need for help in Tapolca!

Various people have served but more workers are needed for this harvest. Our time in this world is short and so many people have not yet heard the gospel. We would encourage you to join the field and make your days fruitful for the Kingdom of God. Pray about it. You will not regret it.

Ildiko and MargitThere are a lot of people in Tapolca and the surrounding villages who would be very happy to meet you. They’ll even feed you delicious food and take you to see beautiful places. Their souls are yearning for comfort and acceptance and love. They don’t know Jesus yet, but are hungry for His love and desperate for His forgiveness. They are thirsty for His everlasting life. Won’t you come and tell them who He is?

Short and long-term workers are needed to keep up the momentum!

Yours, for the harvest–

Steve and Denise Koehnke

One response to “Help Wanted – The Koehnke’s

  1. Steve, you definitely could get a job in advertising ha ha. (But don’t quit your day job)!
    Wow, ten women in the bible study… summer camp! Kids club! Bro, it’s coming! Will pray for laborers.
    May those who don’t know Jesus yet soon come to trust him.
    Please greet Ethan Hand for me. He is my friend.

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