Places we normally don’t go – Steve K.

IMG_5397We have had many opportunities here in Hungary to build personal relationships and be a light for the Lord. Two days ago, we were invited to a home to gather with some of our English class students for food and fellowship. During the course of the evening, Denise had an opportunity to share a brief testimony about forgiveness. The people listened intently and then agreed that only God could have given her the ability to forgive.

We have spent time walking and talking with Vivien, Judit, and Ilona—all of them are not yet believers. We are visiting several schools with Ethan Hand to invite kids to Teen Camp. They are quiet and reserved when we arrive, but warm up and are eager to get the information about camp by the time we leave.

We recently took the train to Budapest to visit Tibi, Marta and Noemi Miklos. During our visit, we spent time reading in a book he had gotten about taking the gospel to places we normally would not go. Tibi then received a phone call from some people he’s known for over 20 years ago, inviting him to a birthday party. Tibi told me these people will be drinking a lot of alcohol. We both thought this was not a place we would normally go…so let’s go and trust God. We can practice what we just read about!

Some people in the group were considered “totally blind” and some “legally blind.” Tibi had brought two audio bibles, which he gave to a lady and a man who were both legally blind. They were really excited to have them and started listening to the bible immediately.

After we ate goulash and had some conversation, Tibi asked them if I could share something with them. They all said yes! About 14 people came into the small living room to listen. They listened very intently as I talked about my life before coming to Christ, and how my life had totally changed since coming to Jesus. When I had finished, they asked a lot of questions for over a half hour. One man in particular who spoke English came back about four times to ask me more personal questions. He wanted to know what I did to get free from being an alcoholic. I kept telling him that Jesus set me free.

When we left, they all thanked us for coming and sharing with them. Tibi and I were amazed at how God had given us a wonderful opportunity to be a light in a place we would normally not have gone!

God is teaching us to be more like Jesus and to be available to step outside our “comfort zone.” We all have preconceived ideas about who is probably not interested in hearing the gospel, but we will never know if we don’t make an attempt. We may be surprised to find the most unlikely place is just where God sends us, and where hearts are open to hear our message.

Please pray for Denise and I as we have a very full schedule these last two weeks in Tapolca. We fly back to the USA on May 23.

Pray for the people we meet with to be open to the gospel.

Pray for those who are serving here in Hungary and those who will be coming soon.

In His strength,


2 responses to “Places we normally don’t go – Steve K.

  1. Steve, I loved hearing that story. We sometimes have to go into the darkness to bring the light to people We may have to risk our reputation if we’re going to be like Jesus friends of sinners and publicans. Thanks for obeying the Holy Spirit and doing the work of the gospel!
    Tibi is a great brother. He shared with us one night at Barrington’s Pray First. The man is a soul winner!
    I hope your trip back is safe and joyous

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