From Budapest to Tapolca – Ethan

I’m just about halfway into my third week here in Hungary, and wanted to give you an update, so that you might be informed prayer warriors involved in building God’s kingdom in Hungary. I’ve spent the last two weeks in Budapest, and just recently arrived in Tapolca, a smaller town of about 15,000. 

My two weeks in Budapest were filled with cleaning projects and English lessons, and so there were multiple opportunities to make connections with adults there. I had the opportunity to spend a morning in the Montasz Art Cafe and make coffee with a barista. I also had the opportunity to go hiking and play games with adult English students. Just to see the smiles on their faces and hear them laughing was worth hiking in somewhat rainy weather. 

Ethan in stone wall 041717Now, and for the next two and a half months, I’m in Tapolca. Life is certainly much slower and quieter here than in Budapest! Hopefully the size of the town and the duration of time I am here will give me plenty of opportunity to connect with students. One of my main goals in Tapolca is to invite students to the English camp that The Orchard will be running in June and July, where teens will practice English and have an opportunity to hear the gospel through a variety of medium, including worship and conversation with students from The Orchard. 

One thing to pray for is God’s blessing in establishing an evangelical Christian church in Tapolca. Although there are plans in the works and people dedicated to the mission, there is not yet an official Christian church here. Pray that God would provide the laborers and the funds necessary, as well as a dedicated and committed group of Hungarian believers to help grow the church that God will plant. Tapolca is a vineyard that needs laborers.


Ethan Hand

2 responses to “From Budapest to Tapolca – Ethan

  1. It is wonderful to hear of your activities, Ethan. I have prayed that the students who attend the English Camp would come to know Jesus, and that an Evangelical Church would be planted in Tapolca. You are carrying on, in the Lord’s work. May you be getting to know Jesus better, with each passing day.


  2. Ethan, we pray you’ll connect with students in a very fruitful manner.
    May God bring many young people to the summer English camp and enable us to someday soon plant an evangelical Christian church in Tapolca!

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