Thank you! Last post from the Albania Team – Alyssa

Thank you.

Thank you for your prayers for team unity around the message of the gospel. Thank you for praying that children and college students come to our programs throughout the week (yesterday we had three new children from the buildings next door to the church). Thank you for praying for our ministry partners (Arvid and Rudi), that they are encouraged with all of the new people they have met and the awareness that has come from eight loud Americans (okay, really, only five of us are loud) and two Hungarians visiting Durres. Thank you for your financial partnership making this week and continued ministry possible. Thank you.

2017 Durres team

There are so many stories that I could tell you from yesterday, but I will only be able to tell you some of the highlights (we are leaving for the airport shortly and I have some packing to do – whoops). Last night we sat around the dinner table sharing our favorite memories of the trip; we reminisced about singing Amazing Grace in church on Sunday (in about three different keys and tempos – loved every second), about watching Grace and Viola doing wonders with the children who came to club throughout the week, hearing how seven employees helped Patrik and Paul purchase a TV, seeing Dan intentionally ask everyone he met how he could be praying for them (and then praying with them), that time when the entire team worked on sanding and painting 40+ desks and chairs in just a few hours, praying over the city, watching David interact with one of the missionaries kids day after day (you can tell he was a natural big brother), seeing Carla sprint across the field playing capture the flag, Pete thinking through (and then making happen) the ministry center projects, and of course having Brad here to encourage us, inspire us along the way… and how can we forget all the cappuccinos.

We might be leaving today, but this trip is not over. Please talk to any of us if you have any questions – we’d love to share some more memories with you.

Alyssa, Team Leader

2 responses to “Thank you! Last post from the Albania Team – Alyssa

  1. Good job, you guys!
    Yes I saw a picture of you all being crazy
    and loud!
    Not only did God use you in the lives of people from the city of Duress, you also encouraged the followers of Jesus who are already there at work for the good news.
    Here comes a brand-new thing like Isaiah 43 talks about- the Duress Evangelical Church!
    Isaiah 43:19-.”See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”

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