Finishing Touches at the KMK – Agnes

ceiling.JPGThere is only fine tuning left on the office remodel, the major overhaul of the office is complete. The fine tuning left is very manageable for the KMK team to accomplish.

Tomi, the facilities manager at the KMK, created a very aggressive schedule for the office remodel project. It was interesting to watch the project ebb and flow. The first two days of demolition we were a half day ahead of Tomi’s schedule as we had demolished two office walls and two ceilings. The second week in rebuilding, as reconstruction often does, we seemed to get a little behind, but then some very long days put the project back on the schedule. There are still a few desks to be built, some trim and lights to install but all very manageable tasks by the team at the KMK.

floor.JPGOn Wednesday, Bill, Russ and Tomi worked on ceiling installation and didn’t quit until it was done. The next day bright and early Bill and Russ hit the ground running and started and completely installed the floor in that one day. Painting of the room happened between the completion of the ceiling installation and the beginning of the floor installation. The final painting was completed early this morning.

Once that was completed the team took some time to explore the city. Tomorrow (Saturday) we head home.

In between, there were also some opportunities to do a few odds and ends. A floor for the cpurple roomopier space was installed, which has been on the “to do” list for at least three year.  Thanks to Pete Himpelmann’s help last week the “Purple Room” received a fresh coat of paint with the small accent wall and column being the final portion of the refreshing of the room. It was evident by Tomi’s reaction that this was an encouragement not only to him, but the team that works here at the KMK every day. It will enable them to work in a much more efficient space.
Thank you for your encouragement, support and prayers.


One response to “Finishing Touches at the KMK – Agnes

  1. What hard work is being done, so people can know Jesus. May Jesus draw their hearts to Himself. I thank God for all of you.

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