God’s Direction – Brad M.

Our church planting team leader in Durrës, Arvid, told me over lunch today that this has been the most productive team he’s had yet to serve in Albania in terms of tangible, visible gain: new visitors to the church, new introductions, Gospel witness and encouragement.

It was the Lord that directed my (Brad Mullet) last minute participation with this team to Albania and now I’m seeing why. The Orchard is one year into this partnership in Durrës and like any partnership, it hasn’t been without difficulty or misunderstandings.  Praise be to God that grace prevails and the work we undertake together for the advance of the gospel is indeed God directed and blessed.

Together we’ve concluded that God has directed us to take the gospel to this region, we’ve submitted and set a straight course.

We’ve just heard that Kujtim’s interview for citizenship went well and he’ll apply for a US passport soon. The team here is eager to have them join the work. The Lord continues to provide wonderfully for the work ahead.

bandHere’s a candid shot of part of our team — working in the church in the morning and meeting in the afternoons with kids and youth who they invited off the streets in the mornings.

We are blessed to be sent here,  blessed to serve here, and blessed to support the ministry here.

May the name of the Lord be exalted!

Brad, for the team

3 responses to “God’s Direction – Brad M.

  1. Brad, at the Orchard we are so grateful for your good leadership in getting this great gospel initiative going!
    Thank you so much for the encouraging news about progress in Kujtim’s citizenship. No one is more qualified.
    These are great days for our church and they hold promise for wonderful, wonderful things in the years to come!

  2. As I pray for Durres I think of God’s heart for Albania and all the Balkan countries, indeed, for all of the globe. He “puts the lonely into families” after he adopts them as his own kids. Psalm 68:6. All believers in Jesus are members of “the family (of the Father) in heaven and on earth.” Ephesians 3:14. In 2 Corinthians 1:1 Paul wrote to “the church of God that is at Corinth, with all the saints who are in the whole of Achaia.” We are one with Christ, and with each other who are of like precious faith. May the two little churches in Durres be known for their love for one another! That is how the church father, Tertullian quoted the pagans who saw this love: “Look… how they love one another!” May there some day be twice as many churches in Budapest, and this be observed about them. Let love be like a flame lighting the entire region with the glow of the gospel!

  3. Brad,
    Dezso from Tapolca is spending 5 nights with us in Sarasota. He’s sharing about the ministry there. I have a ‘heart’ for the town and minisry so am happy to spend this time with him. He’s a great guy who is committed to serving the Lord which I appreciate much in him. I pray the Lord for wisdom to encourage him in his time in Tapolca. Guess you’ll be seeing him next week. I’m on the list for your blogs and enjoy the news of the ministry at the Orchard. We worked with the Pinney’s and are close to them..so know of the ministry of the Arlington church. Roger Eales

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