Budapest Work Team Update – Agnes

Russ and Bill arrived safe and sound on Saturday afternoon. We got them settled into the downstairs apartment at the KMK. On Sunday we went to church and explored the city some.

IMG_1457Monday the work resumed.  The space the team is working on here is beginning to look more like construction and less like demolition. We are about a 1/2 day behind but still believe we can complete all we have planned before departing this coming Saturday.

Monday and Tuesday have been completing drywall.  Hopefully this afternoon and tomorrow priming and painting can be done so that the drop ceiling can be started.

We also had the opportunity to have dinner at Harold and Cindy Golden’s home on Monday evening. To our delight and surprise, Denise and Steve Koehnke were there! Sean Carlaw was also there as he had come in from Tapolca to pick up Denise and Steve. It was a fun evening sharing and encouraging these partners in ministry.

The KMK Encouragement team is very excited about the prospect of a newly renovated office space.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.


One response to “Budapest Work Team Update – Agnes

  1. Agnes, it’s so fun as I begin my day here in Palatine, Illinois, USA to hear of people working in the destruction of the work spaces which will be put back together for the glory of God, as well as the lives of gospel workers being happily reunited, back together not in His love!

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