Back to English Classes – Koehnke’s

Greetings from Tapolca!   We had our first English class today and it turned out very well. Many of the people remembered us and were very glad that we came back so soon.  We had 16 students and 10 stayed for the devotional afterwards.  Shaun spoke about Psalm 139. He illustrated the awesomeness of God’s creation by honing in on the detailed complexity of the human eye. It was inspiring and left no doubt of the reality of our Creator.After the devotional two young ladies approached us and asked if they could meet with us to practice their English more. We, of course,  said “Yes!” This will give us opportunity to talk about other subjects too….like the Gospel.  We will meet with them on Mondays at 10 am (That’s at 4 am CST, so please pray for them on Sunday.) Their names are Judith and Vivien. They seem very open to hearing about Christianity.

Shaun and SondiPlease pray too that we will be a blessing to the missionaries here in Tapolca, Shaun and Sondi  (pictured).  They have three sons, Kelen, David, and Adam. They have exams in about a week, and asked for prayer that they will be appropriately prepared.

The weather here is milder than Chicago,  so we are enjoying having the windows open and walking around outside in just a light jacket or less. It has its advantages.

Wish you were here…but since you’re not,  just be present in prayer.  Thanks!

In His love,

Denise and Steve

One response to “Back to English Classes – Koehnke’s

  1. Denise and Steve, thanks for the helpful note about prayer for Judith and Vivien in Monday’s English class. It is in my prayer calendar! And may the dear Lord help Kelen, David, and Adam with their upcoming exams.
    It is nice to see what Shaun and Sondi look like… God bless them!
    When I hear of all you Balkan workers for Christ’s great cause, and also hear from Agnes in Budapest, it helps me see the greatness of the Father’s heart for gathering a mighty people for his name in Hungary.
    May what happened years ago, not horribly far from you, be reproduced in our days: “… our gospel came to you not only in word, but also in power and in the Holy Spirit and with full conviction. You know what kind of men we proved to be among you for your sake.” 1 Thessalonians 1:5

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